AMiE leadership conference

Building on our hugely successful annual seminars for members, this year AMiE is running its first leadership conference.

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If you want to attract and retain teachers be more human and less corporate

Teachers are becoming gold dust, partly because there isn’t enough gold dust sprinkled into their pay packets to reward them for the job they do and the hours they work. 
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AMiE: Now is the time to speak up

The long-overdue review of national professional qualifications (NPQs) for school leaders, which is being undertaken by the Department for Education, is to be welcomed.

Government needs to give up the backseat driving

Politicians and practitioners ideally work together to take education on a shared journey so it doesn’t bode well that the two have significantly different views on the start point and what’s required to make it a successful trip.

Is your school on the list?

18,329 schools face further funding cuts - find out if your school is on the list.

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New publication: leading in tough times

Being an education leader has arguably never been tougher. The expectation for success is great, but so, too, is the potential to fail. Discover how to navigate these tricky issues in AMiE's new publication 'Leading in tough times: keeping ethics at the heart of your practice'.

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